The car alarm reinvented

Seamless lets you know it's yours, wherever you are

Keep calm,
carry on…

You know your car and possessions are safe, it says so on your phone.

Our device plugs into your car and continuously updates our cloud servers as to the status of your car. Most of the time it’s just telling us that it’s all fine, in which case we’ll let you know. If something eventful happens then we’ll let you know immediately.

Ever parked your car somewhere where you can’t hear your alarm? You’re not alone. As a matter of so fact have we and that’s why we came up with Seamless.

  • Home Screen
  • Locked
  • Designated Driver

Friends and lovers, sisters and brothers…

Perfect for all the family!

So your daughter uses the car every friday, your best mate uses it while you’re on holiday and your partner takes the dog to the vet in it. It makes no odds. Not only can you keep an eye on where they are, you can let them drive your car and direct them to where you left it through the app. And don’t worry - it remains your car, so you can go anywhere without impeaching your privacy along with adding and removing drivers as you wish.

  • Add Drivers
  • Add Drivers
  • Add Drivers

Hey you what’s that sound?

One thing’s for sure, if it’s your alarm sounding you’ll know all about it!

The guy who invented the car alarm imagined that we’d never walk further away from our beloved wheels than a few hundred yards. Now we just went and reinvented it, and guess what… Now you’re free go wherever you want and still stay in touch with your vehicle.

  • Notifications
  • Notifications
  • Notifications

About seamless

The Seamless alarm began as an idea that needed to happen.

Seamless was set up by Dan Frost and Tim Carr who have run the successful digital agency 3ev for 16 years. They have always been keen to explore the latest technologies to deliver for the likes of Rackspace, Philips and Lufthansa. Seamless represents a conscious move into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our mission is to deliver a robust and adaptive platform for IoT devices - and this goes way beyond the car alarm. Our vision is to develop our infrastructure to lead the internet of things.